Influencer” refers to ‘Ennacos’

Client” refers to the artist/sponsor/author/company

Channel” refers to the TikTok Ennacos channel

Video” refers to a short digital video clip produced by Influencer and posted on TikTok


a. Client shall provide Influencer with details of their requirement for a Video to be made by Influencer, to be posted on their TikTok Channel.

b. Where any specific element, component or detail is not stated by Client, Influencer shall be entitled to use their artistic judgment.

c. Influencer is entitled to request clarity from Client regarding any components of the requirement which are unclear.

d. Influencer may make alternative suggestions for Clients consideration. Client is entitled to accept or disregard such suggestions in part or wholly.

e. Influencer is entitled to decline any requirements that they are unable or unwilling to meet, in part or in whole.

f. Influencer will inform Client of the price of the video via email.

g. Client will notify Influencer of their acceptance of the price, which shall be subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed.

h. Upon acceptance, a deposit of 50% of the total agreed amount becomes payable by Client to Influencer.

i. Any props or products that Client wishes to be included in the Video will be sent to Influencer at Clients cost.

j. Influencer will provide a draft Video to the Client within agreed timescales.

k. Client shall provide feedback, if any, on the Video, within 7 inclusive days. Client is entitled to one round of reasonable feedback and revision/reshooting of the Video.

l. The Influencer shall make one revision or one reshoot of the Video following receipt of feedback and within agreed timescales.

m. Influencer shall deliver the final Video file to Client by email.

n. Client will confirm acceptance for the Video to be posted. The remaining 50% of the total agreed amount becomes payable by Client to Influencer within 7 days.

o. Influencer shall post the final Video on their TikTok Channel at the earliest available/agreed date & time following receipt of final payment


Influencer shall in no way be held liable for any loss or damages incurred either directly or indirectly.

Influencer shall not be held responsible for the availability or reliability of the TikTok platform.

Influencer reserves the right to terminate the agreement without notice.

All content produced by Influencer remains the property of Influencer and shall not be used or reposted elsewhere unless explicitly agreed.

All payments to be made by PayPal to

Client shall ensure their requirement does not include anything that might be considered offensive, indecent or unlawful, or that might reasonably be considered to be prejudicial or bring either party into disrepute; or that may infringe the rights (including the Intellectual Property Rights and Copyrights) of any third party.